Posted by: unitrapped | 29/05/2010

This Hody rocks!

hodyou7ube — 19 de Abril de 2010 —

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is referred as the ‘energetic unit of currency’ of cells; its conversion into adenosine diphosphate (ADP) + inorganic phosphate (Pi) releases energy that can be used for cell works – intracellular movement, biosynthesis, breakdown of molecules, functioning of enzymes, and so on.

The spring in your pinball machine that propels the ball at the beginning of the game can do so because it goes from an unstable state (compressed) to a more stable one (full length). This same scheme explains why ATP is rich in energy – or more correctly, has a high hydrolysis potential -, as ADP+Pi is a more stable compound than ATP.

Indeed, the analysis of ATP’s structure highlights 4 negative charges on close atoms that create instability through electromagnetic repulsion. Furthermore, resonance – delocalization of electrons over the bonds of a molecule – stabilizes Pi more than it does with ATP.



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