Posted by: unitrapped | 25/09/2012

Muse, THE 2nd LAW (full album)


1. Supremacy 00:00
2. Madness 04:55
3. Panic Station 09:35
4. Prelude 12:40
5. Survival 13:38
6. Follow Me 17:56
7. Animals 21:46
8. Explorers 26:10
9. Big Freeze 34:58
10. Save Me 36:37
11. Liquid State 41:45
12. The 2nd Law : Unsustainable 44:50
13. The 2nd Law : Isolated System 48:37




Save Me‘ is one of two songs on the album written by Chris about his alcoholism, the other being ‘Liquid State.’ He described the song as being about “having the family, the wife and the kids who, despite all the crap that I’ve put them through, at the end of it you realise they’re still there and they’re the ones who pulled you through.” According to an NME article it is the first song with Chris on main vocal duty, along with ‘Liquid State.’ Chris said, “I don’t think I expected to sing it when I showed it to the other guys, but it was approached with a pretty open mind. They felt it was a big step for the band.” Matt added, “I was into it because they were songs that were personal to him. It’s like this new guy – the last time I remember meeting this guy was about ten years ago. He seems to be so energised about everything. I think he almost feels like he’s woken up.”

Chris also said that “‘Save Me’ is a sort of a love song and I think it’s the more positive among the two, it’s about having a difficult time and having a person in your life who can pull you through – my wife, in my case. I guess it’s all about searching stability, finding it through the person you love.”

what? Say it again, please, the music was too loud ;-)

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